Waiting on Wednesday (#14): Glitter by Aprilynne Pike


Waiting on Wendesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights upcoming releases we can’t wait to read.

This week I am eagerly anticipating:


Glitter by Aprilynne Pike

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Publication Date: October 25th, 2016


From #1 New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne Pike comes a truly original new novel—Breaking Bad meets Marie Antoinette in a near-future world where the residents of Versailles live like it’s the eighteenth century and an almost-queen turns to drug dealing to save her own life.

Outside the palace of Versailles, it’s modern day. Inside, the people dress, eat, and act like it’s the eighteenth century—with the added bonus of technology to make court life lavish, privileged, and frivolous. The palace has every indulgence, but for one pretty young thing, it’s about to become a very beautiful prison.
When Danica witnesses an act of murder by the young king, her mother makes a cruel power play . . . blackmailing the king into making Dani his queen. When she turns eighteen, Dani will marry the most ruthless and dangerous man of the court. She has six months to escape her terrifying destiny. Six months to raise enough money to disappear into the real world beyond the palace gates.
Her ticket out? Glitter. A drug so powerful that a tiny pinch mixed into a pot of rouge or lip gloss can make the wearer hopelessly addicted. Addicted to a drug Dani can sell for more money than she ever dreamed.
But in Versailles, secrets are impossible to keep. And the most dangerous secret—falling for a drug dealer outside the palace walls—is one risk she has to take.


Why am I waiting?

Aprilynne Pike’s Wings series will always have a special place in my heart because it is the first work of fiction about faeries that I have read. It made me fell in love with those creatures and since then, books about faeries are my favorite fantasy reads.

Even though it’s been years since Wings came out, I still haven’t read any other book by Pike. I always wanted to try her other novels, so when I first saw the cover and read the synopsis for Glitter, I just knew that this will be my next read by this author.


Afterlife: Book Blitz + Giveaway

Sandy Goldsworthy
(The Afterworld Saga #2)
Published by: Clean Teen Publishing
Publication date: August 29th 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

AFTERLIFE is the highly anticipated sequel to AFTERMATH by Sandy Goldsworthy. This exciting Young Adult mystery romance is a must-read.

Everything seems perfect for Emma Bennett—she has a new set of friends she adores and a boyfriend she is crazy about. But when Emma sees a picture of her hunky boyfriend kissing another girl, she begins to question if his love for her is real. As she searches for the truth, will Emma be exposed to the dangers of another world?

Ben Parker enjoys the role of high school student and boyfriend to the love of his existence. Juggling his social life with his job in the Afterworld’s Bureau of Investigation is supposed to be easy for the decorated undercover agent. But when some kid captures a photo of him in a precarious position, he’s faced with lying to his girlfriend or erasing her memory. Instead, Ben makes the worst decision of his career. Now, forced to face the consequences, he loses the only thing that matters to him—Emma.

When seemingly insurmountable obstacles separate the lovers, will the two soul mates be able find their way back to each other?

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

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Grab book 1- Aftermath – for FREE:

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“Do you remember Emma?” Lucas asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do. It’s a pleasure to see you again.” Abe held my hand. I remembered meeting him at Ray’s auto body shop, although I could have sworn he looked different. Shorter hair, maybe?

“Nice to see you,” I answered, returning his welcoming smile.

“Lucas, did you ever meet my brother, Henrik?” Abe asked.

“Call me Henry,” he said. He shook hands with Lucas first, then reached for my hand and kissed it gently. “Very lovely to meet you, Miss Emma.” He had a hint of an accent. Even though they both looked like they were mid-twenties, Henry acted much older.

I blushed. That kind of attention might be common wherever he came from, but not here in Westport.

“You’re adorable. I didn’t mean to embarrass you, darlin’.”

Drew returned with a tray full of shots before I had time to answer Henry. After introductions, Lucas gave a toast and everyone drank back the whiskey. I didn’t want one, but I drank it anyway. Actually, I choked on it. I didn’t think any of the guys noticed until Henry put his hand on the small of my back and asked if I was okay.

“Yes. Thank you.”

When I looked up at him, I realized he had a beautiful set of ice-gray eyes. The colors were piercing. Shades of white intermixed with hints of silver and turquoise. The longer I stared, the more the hues changed. Blues faded and whites darkened. Chills ran up my arms, but I couldn’t look away. I strained to keep my eyes open despite how heavy my eyelids felt.

A tingling swept over me until I was completely relaxed.

Like a kaleidoscope, Henry’s eye colors swirled. His pupils dilated.

I closed my eyes and saw a young woman with long, brown hair running through tall grass on a sunny afternoon. I felt the warmth on my skin, tilting my head back to catch the rays. I was tired.

Was I floating?

“Emma, can I get you something to drink?” Abe asked. His hand was on my arm. Stunned, I stared up at him. Did I just fall asleep?

I shook my head quickly. “I’m okay,” I mumbled. My eyes were dry and sore, and the strange sensation, the warm, comforting feeling I had, was gone.
Did I just imagine that?

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Author Bio:

Sandy Goldsworthy was raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, blocks from the rocky shores of Lake Michigan. As a child, she fantasized about becoming an author. She jotted story lines in spiral notebooks and drew images of characters that never came to life. Her passion for putting pen to paper began when her high school English teacher inspired her to be more descriptive in her work. Ever since, Sandy dabbled in creative writing, searching for that perfect shade of red and that character you want to get to know.

A graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Sandy is the YA author of the paranormal romance series, The Afterworld Saga. She spends her days managing corporate client programs, and her nights and weekends drafting new plot lines in spiral notebooks. She resides in southeastern Wisconsin with her husband, two children, and an energetic puppy. Learn more at http://www.sandygoldsworthy.com.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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The Pokemon Go Book Tag

Pokémon Go Book Tag, which was originally created by readatmidnight.

I recently saw The Jouska doing it (you can check her post here) and I really liked it so I decided to do it too.

Here we go!!




My love for reading started with Princess Dairies by Meg Cabot. That was the first time I was reading about someone I’d like to hang out with and the first time I felt the craving for sequels.
I also have to mention Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella because after reading the first book I started binge reading chick lit books and that was the first time I fell in love with the genre.



The Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum. I love, love, looooove the movie and I read the book multiple times.
I also have to mention Pipi Longstocking by Astrid Lingren because that is my favorite book from childhood.


I can’t say that I lost interest, but I feel like I won’t be reading The Darkest Shade of Magic by Victoria Schwab any time soon.


Nothing But Trouble by Rachel Gibson has that trope with injured athlete and a girl who’s job is to take care of him, bit I still enjoyed every single page of that book!


Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. It already had big books and now the last one came out and it is enormous!


I honestly have no idea! Probably Vampire Academy back in the day. And Bloodlines because Adrian and the gang.


My absolutely biggest OTP are Vasilisa Dragomir and Christian Ozera. They are perfect for each other!


Vampire Academy book three: Shadow Kiss. I don’t think I have ever read faster then when I was reading that book.


I know I’m repetitive but… Vampire Academy again! And I hope Richelle Mead will decide to write at least one, two, three more books with my absolutely favorite book characters in that fascinating world.


The Deepest Cut by J.A. Templeton. I read it only because it was my Goodreads’ group pick of the month but I devoured it and bought the sequels, devoured them too and now it’s one of my favorite book series and I can’t recommend it enough.


Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.


I wish I had signed Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead.
And signed Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger. That is my absolutely favorite book in the whole world and it would be nice to have a signed copy in my collection.


To be honest, I have no idea. I read some phenomenal debut authors this year so I honestly don’t have the one I’m waiting on at the moment.


Kasie West, Richelle Mead, Lindsey Kelk and Jane Costello. And of course, Sophie Kinsella.


I feel like I’m waiting on Jess Rothenberg’s new book since the beginning of lifetime. I LOVE her The Chatastrophic History of You and Me and I was sooooo happy when I saw she has a new book called Baby planned to be released, but then I guess something happened and the book is still not published. And now we don’t even hear about it anymore but I still hope Jess will write and publish something. Anything at this point would be good.


Okay, that is it guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and I hope I’ll have a chance to read the tag on your blogs too.
I won’t tag anyone particular but I will say that I tag you all and I hope you will decide to do it.

Graphic Novel Review: I.D. by Emma Rios


Title: I.D.
Author: Emma Rios
Publisher: Diamond Book Distributors
Date: June 28th, 2016
Format: eARC
Source: from Publisher for a review


Synopsis (from Goodreads): A dystopian tale that analyzes the conflict between perception and identity through the struggle of three people who consider a ‘body transplant’ as a solution to their lives.




Going into this story I had no expectations.
Graphic Novels are not what I read on regular basis, so I don’t feel like an expert when it comes to reviewing them, but I still feel like I can  tell what I liked and what I disliked in an acceptable way.

I.D. is a dystopian story told in a format of graphic novel.
I say it is a dystopian because that is what is said in the synopsis, but if you ask me,  I say it is a futuristic story.
You see, there is no „new world order“ (or in case there is, we didn’t have a chance to see it), but the story is set in the future where the technology is so advanced that people can change their body to someone else’s.

I liked how from the scientistic perspective it was described how it is possible to transplate your brain into another body and with the brain your personality, memories and yourself complitely.

The story follows only three characters: Noa, Miguel and Charlotte. They all seemed interesting enough, but yet I wish we got the chance to get to know them better and to get attached to them or just to understand their reasons behid their actions.

The art work is done solidly and I really like how it was all done in red color.

My main problem with this novel is that is was just too short.
80 pages was not enough, and I wish this was not a standalone (or that it was, but only longer) but at least 3 volumes long story in which we’d got to see characters’ lives before they decided to go under the procedure, and how they accustomed to their new bodies and what kind of life they’d live after the surgery.
I feel like most of the story we had to imagine in our heads instead of reading it in this work.

I have to phrase that the part that showed opponents of the exchanging body procedures really impressed me.
Also, I like the open ending but as I already said, I think this would make a better series instead of standalone.


Breaking Through: Book Blitz + Giveaway

Breaking Through
Juliana Haygert
(Breaking #3)
Publication date: August 22nd 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

From the outside, Hilary Taylor has it all—beauty, money, a caring family, good friends—but inside she’s struggling, full of fears. Events from the past forever changed her, and though years of therapy have helped, she still has a long way to go…. No matter how much progress she’s made, Hil isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to trust men again. Especially one who sees her as nothing more than a pretty face. But Hil knows it’s time to face her fears, and the best way to do that is to start small.

To Guilherme Fernandes life is about three things: polo, parties and pretty girls—only one of which he takes seriously. Gui is too focused on his polo career to waste time on relationships, however he can’t help but be intrigued by the beautiful yet troubled Hil. So when she decides she’d like to learn more about horses, Gui is happy to find himself in the right place at the right time. But what was supposed to be a one time thing, soon turns into a weekly date.

As Gui helps her discover a new found love for horses, Hil’s guard begins to crumble. The more support Gui offers, the more she wants to accept…and the more the lines of friendship blur. Despite knowing better, Hil can’t help it as Gui slowly breaks through the walls she’s built. Now she has to decide if she’ll stop him there, or if she’ll finally let her fear go and allow Gui to reach for her heart.

Companion novel of Breaking Free and Breaking Away. Can be read as a standalone. Genre: NA contemporary romance. Warning: strong language, sex scene, mentions of rape and domestic violence.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / iBooks / GooglePlay


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Grab book 1 – Breaking Free – FREE for a limited time only!

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Author Bio:

While Juliana Haygert dreams of being Wonder Woman, Buffy, or a blood elf shadow priest, she settles for the less exciting—but equally gratifying—life of a wife, mother, and author. Thousands of miles away from her former home in Brazil, she now resides in North Carolina and spends her days writing about kick-ass heroines and the heroes who drive them crazy.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram / Newsletter


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Short Story Review: In A New York Minute by Claudia Carroll

in a new york minute

Title: In A New York Minute
Author: Claudia Carroll
Publisher: Avon
Date: March 26th, 2015
Pages: 30
Format: ebook
Source: Freebei


Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Love isn’t always like it is in the movies … or is it?

Amy has moved to the city that never sleeps, and now she’s looking for love.

But after a string of dating disasters it seems that finding Mr. Right isn’t quite as easy as Amy first thought.

Following in the footsteps of her favourite New York movies Amy is determined to have that romantic Manhattan moment. But like all good romances – love often turns up in the most unexpected of places…

A heart-warming, 23 page short story from best-selling author, Claudia Carroll, this is the perfect read for Valentine’s Day.



In A New York Minute is a short story, so I’ll try to make my review as short as it can be.

Claudia Carroll is an author I can’t help but notice on my Goodreads page every once in a while, in a „similar books“ section. As a devoted chick lit reader, browsing books is what I do on regular basis, so it is no surprise that her books cought my attention with their beautiful and sweet covers (all of her covers are gorgeous, that is a fact! Even this one is so astonishing, I could stare at it and forget about time).

The one and main reason why I decided to pick In A New York Minute as my first Claudia Carroll read is that it was short and it was free.
From that, I figured out I can decide whether I should buy some of her already released work.

In 23 pages Claudia Carroll managed to grab my attention, make me appreciate her writing style and won me as a reader.

The story follows woman named Amy who moved to New York and is trying it’s dating scene.
The writer described New York so well that the whole time while reading I had that New York vibe (you know, the one you have when watching Sex and the City).

It would be a shame if I’d talk too much about this story since it is pretty short and giving anything away would be a sin, but I willd tell you that out of all the reads I had last month, In A New York Minute was my favorite.

I liked everything about it and the only thing that I would change is a little detail closer to the end, but even with that it was a great read that I am glad I picked up.

I highly recommend it to every chick lit fan.
It is free and short, so it is a win case.

As for me, I can’t wait to read Carroll’s full lenght novels and it makes me so happy to see that there are a lot of them to choose from.


Waiting on Wendesday (#13): All She Ever Wished For by Claudia Carroll


Waiting on Wendesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights upcoming releases we can’t wait to read.

This week I am eagerly anticipating:

all she ever wished for

All She Ever Wished For by Claudia Carroll

Publisher: Avon

Publication Date: October 6th, 2016


A gorgeous story of chance meetings and unexpected friendships. Because sometimes what you’ve always wished for isn’t necessarily what life has in store . . .

Marriage. It’s a dream come true. Isn’t it?

One wet winter night, two women meet on a bridge. One is Tess Taylor, a personal trainer on the way to meet her boyfriend for date night. The other is Kate King, a celebrity married to a handsome billionaire who just happens to make her cry. In the cold dark evening, there is nothing to link them together but the bridge they shiver on. Little do they know they’ll both hold the key to each other’s future marriage…

All She Ever Wished For tells the story of what happens when your dream is about to come true. And what happens when that dream turns into a bit of a nightmare…

Claudia Carroll brings you a Christmas gift filled with second chances, fateful encounters and a lesson in what true love means.

Why am I waiting?

I recently read Caludia Carroll’s short story In A New York Minute (review to come tomorrow) and complitely fell in love with her writing style.
Since she wrote many books, I know I have so many to choose from, and I can’t wait to read them all, but All She Ever Wished For with it’s gorgeous cover just screams at me to read it ASAP.
So I decided I will.

Guys, I can’t wait for October, so many great releses are coming out that month, it’s insane!

What book are you waiting on this Wendesday?
Feel free to leave your links down bellow or just tell me whatever is on your mind!