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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Irena.  I am a simple girl who loves to read and talk about books.

I am pretty much obsessed and this blog is a tool I am using to spread my love for fiction.

I read a lot of genres but my favorites are women’s fiction, romantic comedies, young adult contemporary and young adult fantasy (especially those that are about faeries).

I consider myself as an avid reader.

After reviewing for almost two years, I figured out it was about time to start my own blog.




  • This blog is written and edited by me (Irena). All book reviews on this blog are my property and are copyrighted to myself. You are not allowed to copy and use them or any part of them without my written permission.
  • Books reviewed on this blog are either purchased, borrowed, won in a giveaway or recieved from the publisher.
  • Pictures, graphics and vectors on this blog are taken by me, taken from Goodreads page, publisher’s page or made by a designer that is attributed in the certain post.
  • My rating system is designed by Freepik


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  • My header is designed by Freepik

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40 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the intro, simple and sweet! The blog is done up so well. Im new to wordpress, hoping for people to show me some love as well. And I agree with you, YA fantasy novels are cool and so fascinating. If you have any recommendations for that pleased do let me know.
    Thank you. Good luck


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  9. Hi, Irena. I’m a goodread author and wanted to ask you a few questions about your review process. What genre’s you’re willing to review? How do I present my novel to you for consideration? If your reviews are only posted on your blog or if your reviews are posted on goodreads or amazon? If you are not interested in my novel do you know other reviews that would be? Thank you for your time. I love you blog, It’s very professional. I’m new to wordpress so I’m still working on making my own page presentable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi, thanks so much for stopping by (and also for complimating the look of my blog).
      Most of those informations you can read in my review policy, where you can also see an email address where review requests should be sent.
      I can’t talk in the name of other bookbloggers, but the best advice I can give you is to read their review policies, and to browse through blogs before sending your review request, to see what their preferences are and how your book fits into their book taste.
      You’ll have more chance for your request to be accepted if you show that you actually read some blog posts and know the preference of a certain blogger, and know thir names.
      If it’s obvious you just stumbled on a certain blog via google or using some other method, and sent your review request without reading review policy you probably won’t get a positive answer, if you even get a reply.
      I know it takes time to do all this, but it also takes time to read a book and write an honest review.


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  15. If you like coming of age romances tied into a mystery- thriller, you might like my latest novel, “Identity Check” by Rich Allan. Here is what one reader said. “Although the plot contains many harrowing moments, the relationship between Scott and Jessie adds a sense of romance and comic relief. Jessie is quite a brash young woman; some of her comments make the reader laugh out loud! Author Rich Allan has written an engaging and thrilling novel in Identity Check. It is a perfect read.” — Deborah Lloyd


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